(Fake) Interview with Uber Chef Eric Ripert

pulled from PBS...

pulled from PBS…

Looking at him is like listening to the Beatles for the first time…

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What gets your Taste Buds HARD?

Pho makes my mouth wet...

Pho makes my mouth wet…


Idle hands are the Devil’s playground an idle mouth is a fucking amusement park…

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Shade at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market


Turn your head and cough...

Turn your head and cough…


The seedy underbelly of the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market that goes unnoticed

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Tapas on Ecstasy


Barcelona. Tapas. 2 chefs who trained under the Adria Brothers. Rioja Blanca. Tuna Belly. Razor Clams. Patatas Bravas. ‘Hamburger.’ Iberico Skewer. Chocolate Bar. Champagne.  I almost OD’d.

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Sometimes people don’t realize that being a chef, a true chef, is an art form in and of itself.

Harvest America Ventures


My son, a technical education teacher once said, “There are two types of workers in the world; those who shower before work and those who shower after.” I thought this was quite profound and a way to categorize the type of work people do and the mentality of those who do it. Having been around restaurants and kitchens in particular, for many years, I could classify people who work in kitchens as those who take on the role of cook to simply pay their bills vs. those who see the opportunity to cook as a calling; a form of personal expression.

There are ample opportunities for both types of cooks in an industry closing in on $500 billion in U.S. sales alone. Those who work for a paycheck can and often are, accomplished at their craft, however, it is a job. In some cases, operations can even disregard the talent…

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30-in-3 Challenge

Eleanor Roosevelt said, ‘Do one thing everyday that scares you.’


Yesterday I bought a scale.  That scares the shit out of me.


I went on a 6 mile bike ride, but I ate chips and guacamole at midnight and washed it down with a few Makers Marks.  Cutting down on drinking is going to be an issue, but I need to step up the workouts and curb the snacking until I can get that under control.


What are the toughest things for you to stay away from when dieting?  Or do you even diet?  How long have I been doing this, a day?  It seems like forever.  Push. Push.