Shade at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market


Turn your head and cough...

Turn your head and cough…


The seedy underbelly of the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market that goes unnoticed

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Moments of Brevity

An orgy of fruit

An orgy of fruit


Great post for the novice Farmer’s Market Shopper.


Farmer’s Markets are becoming more and more like Coachella, being over run by hipsters, jean shorts, and mustaches.  Don’t let one of those douche bags get the satisfaction of laughing at you while making a random 80’s reference holding a 1920’s typewriter.  Read this and get some pointers on what to expect and how to get the most out of your visit.


I’ve noticed the blogs I’ve been frequenting are all geared towards women.  I think I’m going to go hunt an animal, grill it over a fire a started, and eat it with my bare hands.  Just to get the testosterone flowing again.