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Sometimes people don’t realize that being a chef, a true chef, is an art form in and of itself.

Harvest America Ventures


My son, a technical education teacher once said, “There are two types of workers in the world; those who shower before work and those who shower after.” I thought this was quite profound and a way to categorize the type of work people do and the mentality of those who do it. Having been around restaurants and kitchens in particular, for many years, I could classify people who work in kitchens as those who take on the role of cook to simply pay their bills vs. those who see the opportunity to cook as a calling; a form of personal expression.

There are ample opportunities for both types of cooks in an industry closing in on $500 billion in U.S. sales alone. Those who work for a paycheck can and often are, accomplished at their craft, however, it is a job. In some cases, operations can even disregard the talent…

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Moments of Brevity

Moments of Brevity

Check out this great post on GREASE & GLAMOUR that had me tearing up.

I’m a huge softy when it comes to people effected by cancer.  I lost my aunt from breast cancer and there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t miss her. It is such a horrible disease effecting everyone from every walk of life.  Before I ramble on any further and before sobs begin to accompany the tears, I’d just like to say…

Cancer can suck my dick.

Unconscious Uncoupling

Wandering aimlessly in the farmer's market of life

Wandering aimlessly in the farmer’s market of life



Dear, Shattered Heart



I just proposed to my girlfriend and she said ‘No.’


If you remember correctly, I gave you to her about four years ago, in pristine condition and ready to do what you’ve always done. Love. Well now I guess it’s just you and me again. Or what’s left of you.


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