30-IN-3 Challenge

Shaving off 30 pounds in 3 months sounds easy…can I just cut off a portion of my leg instead?


Yesterday was the first day of my weight loss challenge for my impending 33rd birthday.  I made myself a workout schedule that I am going to do my best to make work for me.  I figured I needed to be as realistic as possible with myself and with my life.  I know I’m going to be doing things on the weekends with friends, whether it be going to the beach, or hanging out, or drinking bottomless mimosas.  So I am completely writing off Saturdays and Sundays for exercise.  If I go on a weekend hike or do something active, it will be like found money and just icing on the cake.  (Mmmm cake)


And speaking of drinking, I’m not drinking during the week and will be giving myself two days during the weekend to get turnt up, whether it’s Friday and Saturday, or Saturday and Sunday.  I know I should cut out alcohol all together, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to shrink it down to one day and supplement my buz with sniffing glue or huffing paint.  (Just kidding)


So yesterday morning I walked to my Crossfit gym, but only got halfway before nature called, and had to walk back to take a business meeting in my bathroom.  I ended up writing most of the day and walked to the 5:30pm class.  The workout wasn’t too bad, but for some strange reason my atrophied muscles are so sore this morning.


I’ll let you know how the rest of this plays out.


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