Making Life More Palatable

It's just you and me buddy...

It’s just you and me buddy…


If a tree farts in the forest and no one is there to smell it does it still make a sound?

—  Kim Kardashian



After reading this prophetic quote from the Queen of All-Media, by the way she never said that nor has she uttered anything remotely close to prophetic, I pondered Perceived Existence and it’s obvious effects on food and sushi in particular.


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Making Life More Palatable


This tastes like disappointment...

This tastes like disappointment…

Who has the best cheesesteak in Philly, Pat’s or Geno’s? Geno’s or Pat’s?


Neither, they both SUCK!

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Moments of Brevity




Us kitchen folk are crazy motherfucker’s and this just proves it!


Although you won’t be able to understand a day-in-the-life of a cook/baker just by reading an article — just as we all can’t begin to fathom the horrors of how bad Jennifer Lopez is at acting by watching Gigli — it’s merely a glimpse of the truth residing beneath the surface of your TV screen and the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into making the best dish possible.  It’s a labor of love and very difficult to explain to the uninitiated.  How do you tell a friend who makes what I make in a year, in 6 weeks, about passion.  There’s no passion in a suit and tie.  No dedication in the bottom line.  No love in numbers.


Be sure you read my old post about how Cal Ripken Jr. can SUCK IT!

Breaking the Fourth Wall


After 3 bottles of wine, it tasted better than it looked...

After 3 bottles of wine, it tasted better than it looked…


I was cooking spaghetti and meatballs on Sunday, my best friend bursts through the door and said something to the effect of, ‘Goddamn, I love me the smell of garlic, olive oil, and herbs being sauteed.  I can smell that shit from the street.’  Picture a six-foot-six guy from Georgia as a bull in a china shop and that’s what were dealing with.  That me to thinking, out of all the things I’ve smelled in both my grandma’s kitchen, or any of the professional kitchens I’ve worked in, or restaurants, what’s my favorite kitchen smell?


For me, it’s almost as easy choosing your favorite child, my favorite smell is sliced chiles and garlic sauteed in a super hot pan.  The fragrance from the garlic fills the kitchen and the spice from the chile literally warms your eyes.  There’s nothing better.  Well maybe fresh baked chocolate chip cookies.  Or bacon.  Or lasagna.  Or pancakes.  You get the idea.

(ed. note :  I don’t have children, so I live vicariously through my friends with kids and I don’t I could choose my favorite out of theirs.)


What’s your favorite smell in the kitchen?  Let me know in the comments.

Take a Link




This gets my heart racing...

This gets my heart racing…

Check out this great link from GoSeeWrite.


After traveling for a period of time — I think somewhere within the 3-4 week period — you begin to feel as though you don’t have an address.  You don’t have a home.  You don’t have a life except for the one you are going to live that day.  Your heart beats in almost a different rhythm.  One beat scaring the shit out of you, the subsequent beat exhilarating your heart at the prospect of your next step.


It’s a good read with some great pictures.