(Fake) Interview with Uber Chef Eric Ripert

pulled from PBS...

pulled from PBS…

Looking at him is like listening to the Beatles for the first time…

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Moments of Brevity




Us kitchen folk are crazy motherfucker’s and this just proves it!


Although you won’t be able to understand a day-in-the-life of a cook/baker just by reading an article — just as we all can’t begin to fathom the horrors of how bad Jennifer Lopez is at acting by watching Gigli — it’s merely a glimpse of the truth residing beneath the surface of your TV screen and the blood, sweat, and tears that goes into making the best dish possible.  It’s a labor of love and very difficult to explain to the uninitiated.  How do you tell a friend who makes what I make in a year, in 6 weeks, about passion.  There’s no passion in a suit and tie.  No dedication in the bottom line.  No love in numbers.


Be sure you read my old post about how Cal Ripken Jr. can SUCK IT!

Moments of Brevity

An orgy of fruit

An orgy of fruit


Great post for the novice Farmer’s Market Shopper.


Farmer’s Markets are becoming more and more like Coachella, being over run by hipsters, jean shorts, and mustaches.  Don’t let one of those douche bags get the satisfaction of laughing at you while making a random 80’s reference holding a 1920’s typewriter.  Read this and get some pointers on what to expect and how to get the most out of your visit.


I’ve noticed the blogs I’ve been frequenting are all geared towards women.  I think I’m going to go hunt an animal, grill it over a fire a started, and eat it with my bare hands.  Just to get the testosterone flowing again.

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Leavin' on a jet plane....

Leavin’ on a jet plane….




Check out this post!


If you’re a blogger, eternal optimist, or just have a pulse with the ability to read, this post is for you.  I read it and hope immediately filled my soul and kicked the shit out of the fear that’s been residing inside my chest for the past week or so.    LandLopers was one of the very first travel blogs I started following and for good reason.  It’s not only informative but inspirational as well.


It’s very easy to get lost in all the great post for a few hours.



Moments of Brevity

Knock-Out ‘Game’ of Thrones


This is some of the stupidest stuff I’ve heard of in a long, long, looooong, time.  It puts the Cinnamon Challenge or drinking-a-gallon-of-milk-in-under-an-hour-a-thon to shame.  Because not only is this ‘game’ completely stupid, but it hurts innocent people and in some cases kills them.  It’s one thing to do something idiotic that ultimately hurts yourself (which I’m ok with because if you’re dumb enough to do it than you’re probably dumb enough to not understand the consequences) or ends with you vomiting over yourself and everyone in a three foot radius.

But this is ridiculous.  Cold cocking a dude, when my man is just waiting to go home and drink a couple beers to forget about his shitty day and the fact he has to ride the trolley.  I’m no lawyer and I didn’t sleep at a Holiday Inn Express, but I can draw a couple of conclusions.  Because this ‘teenager’ didn’t knock him out, I can only surmise he’s 13ish with an underdeveloped physique and brain.  And since he needed five other guys as back up, he probably has a very small penis.  Wait a second!

This sounds like the underhanded doings of one Justin Bieber.  Damn, you Canada and your diabolical means of warfare.