What gets your Taste Buds HARD?

Pho makes my mouth wet...

Pho makes my mouth wet…


Idle hands are the Devil’s playground an idle mouth is a fucking amusement park…

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The War to End All Wars

What side are you on?

What side are you on?


Dear, Hot Sauce Enthusiast


A battle has been raging since the dawn of man- nay – the dawn of time. A war between good and evil. A struggle between two factions bent on dominating the other. Two wills opposing themselves upon each other with neither backing down. This is bigger than the Bloods and Crips. Team Rob versus Team Kristen? Don’t make me laugh. I’m talking about if Satan slept with Jesus’ girlfriend, then came on Maury Povich to find out he IS the father of God’s grandkid. That’s what I’m talking about. That type of bitter hatred that could get someone killed or at the very least some hair pulled out. Continue reading