Traveling With Baggage

This is Marrakesh, but it's in Morocco so it counts!

This is Marrakesh, but it’s in Morocco so it counts!


For all the Game of Throne NERDS!  (I’m talking to myself as well, because I am addicted to Game of Thrones…but not enough to actually read the books.)


Great post from Go See Write!


I just recently got back from Morocco a month or so ago, but didn’t make it to the cities on the list.  However, I’ve been to Dubrovnik and Split, and without a doubt Croatia is one of the most slept on cities in the world.  I went there a few years back, with plans of going to Spain, Croatia, and Greece, in that order.  Spain was amazing, but when boarding the plane to Dubrovnik, I found myself wanting to skip Croatia and just get to Greece already.  I could not have been more wrong.  It’s like the random bar your friend drags you to cuz he’s heard good things and you end up getting lucky and going home with someone at the end of the night.  The bar will always have a soft spot in your heart and you will always want to go back. That’s Dubrovnik.  It was amazing and still proves to be one of my favorite European cities.  In some ways it’s the girl who I did crazy things with one night and can’t wait to do those things again.


Also check out Land Lopers for Matt’s awesome pics from Dubrovnik.

And my unrelated post on the Knockout Game of Thrones.




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