Making Life More Palatable

You're gonna put me where?

You’re gonna put me where?


If you don’t know, now you know!                   — Biggie



Click on the link above if you want to watch a two-minute video of the ’11 foods you should never refrigerate.’

Read below if you’re too lazy to watch a video or don’t have the time and want the Rick’s Notes version.


1. Tomatoes: It’ll make it all mealy and taste like shit.

2. Melons: If it’s whole and uncut, it’ll lose its antioxidants. Kinda like being uncircumcised.  But if you put it in sliced in the fridge and uncovered then SEE #1.

3. Potatoes: It’ll make it mealy and taste like shit. (I see a pattern forming)

4. Onions: It’ll get moldy and mushy.  Which will make it taste like shit.

5. Coffee:  It’ll lose flavor and absorb odors.  And if you have a bunch of food in your fridge that shouldn’t be there, it’ll make your coffee not only taste like shit, but smell like shit too.

6. Garlic: It’ll sprout and get moldy.

7. Alcohol: Should be left at room temp but they didn’t give a reason why.

8. Honey:  It’ll crystallize and thicken faster.  Finally something that doesn’t effect its flavor.

9. Hot Sauce: Most can be stored for 3 years(!) Of course the one thing I use the most has the longest shelf life.

10. Bread:  It’ll get dry. Yeah try leaving it out in the open air.

11. Basil: It’ll wilt and absorb odors.  (Hint: To keep it from tasting like shit, you can wrap it in a moist paper towel and keep it in the fridge, or if you live on Barefoot Contessa’s TV set you can have a vase perfectly placed on your window sill)











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