Traveling with Baggage

My nighttime Marrakesh tunnel pic!

My nighttime Marrakesh tunnel pic!

The Good.  The Bad.  The Amazeballs.


I love you Matt from Land Lopers, but I hate you as well.  Hate probably isn’t the best word, maybe a strong dislike.  Actually I found what the feeling is.  Complete and utter jealousy!


Envy is coursing through my veins as they pump insecurity throughout my plump body.  You mention how you hope the pics aren’t too bad, but travel photos are travel photos regardless of how good they are.  Unless you’re Sean Penn from that Walter Mitty movie, travel photo’s are a very personal snapshot of moments shared with the people and surrounding environment.  What really matters are the memories of each snapshot locked away in your mind, like an old school microfiche or dormant tumblr account.  A smile on your face, blowing off the dust to each event, every time you see them, whether good or bad.  They can instantly take you back to what you ate that night, or the smell of the night market, or the prostitute you got in Cambodia on Christmas Day (My friend actually did that and by friend I don’t actually mean me)


Matt, your photos actually look pretty damn awesome.  But I definitely want to walk a mile or thousand in your traveling shoes, no matter what they look like, and take some pics around this beautiful Blue Marble.


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